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Our Payment Processor Has Left Us, We Can No Longer Process Credit Cards


For any business, the ability to process credit cards is essential for success. Unfortunately, when a payment processor leaves a business, it can be a challenging and overwhelming experience. Our payment processor has left us, and we are no longer able to process credit cards. In this article, we will explore the reasons behind this issue, the impact it will have on our business, and the steps we are taking to find a new payment processor.

Why Has Our Payment Processor Left Us?

The decision of a payment processor to leave a business can stem from various reasons, such as issues with fraud, compliance, or technology. In our case, our payment processor has decided to shift their focus towards other business areas, and as a result, they can no longer provide payment processing services to us. While this is undoubtedly a difficult situation for us, we understand that payment processors have to make strategic decisions for their business as well.

The Impact of This Issue on Our Business:

The inability to process credit cards has significant consequences for our business. We know that many of our customers rely on credit cards as a primary mode of payment, and the loss of this payment option may result in the loss of business. Additionally, we understand that being unable to process credit cards may lead to decreased customer confidence and trust in our business, and this could have long-term implications for our brand reputation.

The Steps We Are Taking to Find a New Payment Processor:

Introducing Pinky's Pesos

We are excited to introduce Pinky's Pesos, our digital currency that can be used to post advertisements on El Pinky and its partner sites, Escort Prowler and Pink For Forum. Using Pinky's Pesos offers multiple advantages to advertisers as well as holders of the currency. Advertisers will receive a 20% discount on all advertisements when loading credits using our native currency. Additionally, the El Pinky team will be offering profit sharing as well as rewards to token holders. Please stay tuned for more information on our telegram channel as well as our social platforms.


Q: Can I still make purchases on your website? A: Yes, you can still make purchases on our website. We offer the opportunity to load credits with USDT only at this time.

Q: When will you have a new payment processor in place? A: We will no longer accept credit cards or any centralized currency on El Pinky or associated websites.

Q: Will my credit card information be compromised? A: No, your credit card information will not be compromised. We take the security of our customers' information very seriously, and we have taken steps to ensure that all personal information remains safe and secure.

PINKY'S PESOS RELEASE DATE TBA, Thank you for you patiance and advertising with us